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TwoPointZero: a new entrant to the career coaching sector

The Career Insight Group, the parent company of Australia’s leading career management firms, Audrey Page & Associates and Directioneering, is delighted to announce the expansion of its business with a new career coaching firm: TwoPointZero.

Drawing on hundreds of years of collective career coaching know-how, TwoPointZero will work with private clients on a one on one basis supporting people in the early phase of their career to help them discover their career passion and direction, and provide the tools and insights they need to pursue a happy and healthy professional life.

Helping young people to make an effective transition from education to meaningful work is a subject that is close to the hearts of the entire TwoPointZero Team.

Company founder Jannine Fraser worked 30 different jobs by the time she was 30.  She sold shoes, worked as a full time nanny and cleaned meal plates at a hospital. Eventually, she found her calling in career management and founded Directioneering in 2003.

Fraser says “My own meandering career history and lack of early career guidance inspired me to create TwoPointZero and bring the best of our group’s work with executives to people in the earlier stages of their work life. Helping each person clarify what gives them a sense of purpose is such an informative and powerful path to more meaningful work.”

“This is fast becoming a critical social issue in Australia.  I often think how much easier my own career path would have been if I had this type of support when I was making decisions about my work and my own transition from education to employment.”

Steve Shepherd, TwoPointZero CEO, is also driven by personal experience. After seeing how a lack of career direction impacted the health and happiness of his own children, he vowed to effect change in the Australian employment sector so other families would not have to suffer the same stresses.

Shepherd says “Figuring out what you are passionate about, and building your profession around this, will help ensure you are both happy and effective in your job.”

TwoPointZero helps people find lasting career fulfillment through supportive coaching and planning.

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