Joint CEO, Audrey Page & Associates / Tricia Shaw

Tricia joined Audrey Page & Associates in 2009 and has held several key leadership positions.

Prior to becoming CEO, Tricia was Director Career Transition, a role which was responsible for APA’s core product suite. As Director Career Management Services, she was instrumental in developing a suite of innovative and targeted career management programs and services which address the key issues of talent development and retention. She has partnered with CEOs, group executives and senior leaders to enact significant and lasting change. Tricia has over 25 years of corporate and consulting experience, and her career includes leadership positions in strategy and planning, sales & distribution and human resources. Tricia has a Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Relations from University of NSW, a Master of Applied Science (Coaching Psychology) from the University of Sydney. She is a member of the AICD, AHRI and UCSMA.